Update Your Porch Or Patio For 2022 With The Latest Outdoor Furniture Trends

Update Your Porch Or Patio For 2022 With The Latest Outdoor Furniture Trends

Update Your Porch Or Patio For 2022 With The Latest Outdoor Furniture Trends

15 December 2021
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It is never too soon to begin planning your outdoor space for 2022. The latest outdoor furniture trends are sure to get you excited about the warmer days to come and time spent relaxing outdoors. The trend for 2022 is all about creating your very own outdoor oasis that will make every day feel like a vacation.

Modular furniture designs

Have it your way by taking advantage of outdoor modular furniture. Modular furniture is designed with the ultimate flexibility in mind. Group pieces together to create a sitting area for entertaining or separate sections to create your own sunbathing or resting area.

Nature-inspired materials

Expect to see macrame, rattan, and bamboo when shopping for outdoor furniture for the new year. These materials are earthy and warm looking, which makes them a forerunner for creating a cozy porch or patio for the ultimate relaxation. Poly rattan is also expected to grow in popularity and is a wonderful option for uncovered outdoor spaces, as well as being able to stand up to the elements.

Foldable and easy-to-store furniture

If your outdoor space is limited, you no longer have to settle for outdoor furniture that lacks style. New foldable chairs and tables are popping up on porches and patios across the country. Director-style chairs with fabric seats can be stacked for storing along with foldable tables, which allow you to set up a cozy area when needed and store when not in use.

Outdoor fire bowls are hot

When the sun sets, keep your porch or patio illuminated with the ambient light of a fire bowl. Fire bowls can be purchased in any size to suit your space and are a perfect way to up the cozy factor. Arrange furniture in a circle with a fire bowl in the center and watch your outdoor space transform into a relaxing oasis.

Color trends to watch

If you love neutrals, look for furniture cushions in beige, cream, sage, or cashmere. If you prefer bold colors, you will not be disappointed by the bright shades that are trending. Look for bold shades of rust, orange, red, or navy blue to brighten up your space.

Outdoor furniture trends for 2022 will not disappoint. If you wish to design your own comfortable and cozy space for relaxation and entertaining, you will have plenty of options to help you create the look you desire. Whether you prefer earthy tones or love everything bold, outdoor furniture trends for 2022 have you covered. Keep these tips in mind when looking for outdoor furniture for sale near you.

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